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Premier Catheter Hole Drilling Equipment

(formerly Hansen Research)

Drill fast, clean, best-quality holes in standard and multi-lumen catheters using Cath-Punch’s proprietary core-capture technology.

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Our Catheter Hole Drilling Benefits:


  • Burr-free holes

  • Up to 5 holes drilled per second

  • Lower operating cost with fixed soft tip mandrel

  • Accurate lumen location

  • Fast, precise set-up in less than 2 minutes

  • No loose cores

  • Custom development

Cath-Punch provides the highest quality catheter hole drilling equipment to medical industry leaders, such as:

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machines to make catheters with holes

Experienced specialists in catheter hole drilling.


Cath-Punch’s innovative approaches have pushed the science of this niche to the highest level. In our 23 years of experience we have taken the time to develop the best drilling processes for many polymers and lumen configurations.

Achieve the highest industry hole quality standards with our catheter hole punch machines.



Cath-Punch serves the needs of major catheter and other medical device manufacturers in the United States and around the globe. Customers have the ability to drill superior catheter holes with speed and accuracy using our superior equipment.

Cath-Punch’s standard catheter hole drilling machines.

We custom develop every machine for our customer’s applications.

The Cath-Punch NG-Series

Custom-automated, easy-to-operate, motor controlled machines that make clean and fast holes, with NO loose cores! (proprietary Flow Thru™ hollow design drills)

NG Automated Catheter Hole Drilling Machines

The Cath-Punch MI-Series

Manually indexed, the smaller, pneumatic machines are easy-to-operate and lower cost, yet still have our core-capture technology making clean and fast holes.

best manual low cost catheter drilling machines
Our patented Flow-Thru™ drills save you time and money by capturing and isolating cores from the moment of creation.
With hole sizes down to .018”, precise multi-lumen location and the ability to add multiple drill heads for even more speed  – our technology is a win for every medical manufacturer needing catheter hole drilling capabilities.

Improve the quality of your catheter holes – we’ll set up the process for your application. Contact us today!

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